Seen in Morocco by Amy Foster

Amy Foster, a renowned lyricist who has filled her soul with the beautiful cities of our world to provide lyric inspiration for musicians such as Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli, and Blake Shelton (to name a few).  

After years of traveling to new places, we know that researching a new country to visit and finding accurate, real and relevant information catered to your interests can be challenging.  Cutting through all of the filtered photos and out of date information is imperative. Without a doubt, scrolling through a pal's photo feed and hearing their personal experience is the best source for travel guidance.

Amy was kind enough to send over some photos she shot during her time spent in the beautiful Morocco to help get us better oriented with the journey we're about to take! 



Needing some creative inspiration? Follow along with Amy as she continues to search out the beautiful in life and shares her beautiful words with the world.

Facebook: AmyFosterHere       Twitter: @amyskylark




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