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Surfing the Planet, One Ocean at a Time...

Tell us about yourself and what stoked your desire to begin traveling.
We are Gábor and Rachele, an international Hungarian-Italian couple. We have been living in Spain, more precisely in Barcelona for several years now, and we speak in Spanish between each other. Both of us were probably born with a strong desire for traveling, since as soon as we had the possibility, we started traveling, first around Europe. When our paths crossed each other, it gave an immediate boost to start realizing our dreams, and finally we embarked on a year a half long round the world trip in 2012. We came home from the trip, but in our mind we have never stopped traveling ever since and in the moment of arriving home, we already started dreaming about future adventures.


Where have you been and what do you enjoy most about the various cultures you have encountered on your travels?


We have traveled in more than 40 countries around the world, explored Europe, South America and Australasia quite profoundly. Our philosophy while traveling has always been trying to follow local customs and trying to meet local people. This is also in the focus of our blog, where we share our stories about local traditions, festivities and whatsoever.


What do you find is most rewarding about traveling?


It might be a cliché, but traveling really liberates your soul. Meeting people from different cultures around the world and seeing with your own eyes how differently people can live their lives in other parts of the world, it really opens the mind and warms up the heart as well.



Do you have a favorite sunny destination and if so where and why?


Our favorite sunny destination is The Philippines. This country is not only amazing because of the infinite number of beautiful, pristine beaches, but because of the incredibly friendly people we found there, who don’t just smile at you but they really want to make friends with you. We desire so much to go back to this wonderful country.


Tell us about your blog!


Our blog is called Surfing the Planet, and the URL is: http://www.surfingtheplanet.com/en/

Actually this is the link to the English website, but the blog is also available in Spanish, Italian and Hungarian with slightly different content in all the sites.

We launched our blog as a travel diary for our round the world trip 3 years ago, but after coming back from the trip we kept on writing it, now in a more professional manner. We focus on local culture and photography.


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