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Please tell us about yourself and what stoked your desire to begin traveling.

My name is Ashley and I am originally from California. When I was 17 I first went to Italy. I had been to Europe before but this was the first time without my parents. It was also the first time I fell in love with history and art. Pompeii was something we saw on our fourth day in Italy and it captivated me. Seeing Pompeii is the reason that I became an archaeology major and convinced me to move to Italy after I graduated. Without that first trip to Italy and Greece I wouldn't be the person I am and have been inspired to travel so much.

My name is Alex Sexton and I am 24 years old. I grew up on California along the beach and have always been an adventurous kid. My desire to travel outside the U.S. started when my sister spent a year abroad in France. I was 11 then but I didn’t get my chance to travel until I was 15 when my family and I went on a trip to Italy and France. We stopped in Paris, Milan, and then Rome. I instantly fell in love with Rome. I've pretty much been hooked ever since. I fell in love with learning how other cultures ticked especially when It came to food.



Where have you been and what do you enjoy most about the various cultures you have encountered on your travels? 

Ashley:  I am a lover of history, art and architecture and I am fascinated by how all of this can change so subtly by region. I have traveled throughout Europe, Central America and Southeast Asia and it is amazing to see how the history, art and architecture can be different but at the same time travel makes you realize that we are all the same.

Alex:  I'm a lover of food and drink and I am widely curious about what the locals eat. Every culture needs food to survive and it is fascinating to explore what their land had to offer to them and how they built their cuisine out of these conditions. I have eaten throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, North Africa, and  West Africa.  Each country and even the different regions have very different styles that excited me to no end.



What do you find is most rewarding about traveling?

For both Alex and I meeting locals is the most rewarding part of travel. Travel is all about discovering how locals live and their culture. It is through meeting locals that we really get a sense of their daily life, their history, their cuisine and how all of this creates a cohesive culture. In the end we are all not that different and travel opens us up to this fact and makes us more tolerant and understanding people



Do you have a favorite sunny destination and if so where and why?

Ashley:  Greece is always my go to sunny destination. There is something so wonderful about Greece; from the food to the history to the overwhelmingly friendly people, Greece has it all for me. Oh ya and the islands are lovely!

Alex:  I mean Greece is fantastic but I am going a little more exotic and have to say Ghana. West Africa is an amazing area in the world and the Ghanaian people are fantastic and have a wonderful uplifting culture. There is nothing better than laying on the beach and drinking a star beer on a hot summer day.  


Please tell us about your blog/website etc.

Alex and I are foodies and boozies, who are excited to travel the world one culture at a time in our upcoming round-the-world trip. We are setting out on this adventure to showcase all the wonderful people and cultures in the world through our writing, videos and photography. We will be traversing the globe from San Francisco to Iceland to Australia to South America over the next six years. We cannot wait to share our experiences with you.


Follow along with Alex and Ashley as they tour the world one drink at a time!

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