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Experiencing the World

Tell us about yourself and what stoked your desire to begin traveling.
Hello! My name is Lina and I run the travel blog Divergent Travelers with my husband Dave. We have been life time lovers of travel and have spent the past 13 years exploring the globe. Last February we set off to explore the World on a long term RTW and we have been traveling non-stop since February 2014. We have a full set of plans for 2015 as well.
Feet up in the rainforest of Sabah, Borneo
Where have you been and what do you enjoy most about the various cultures you have encountered on your travels?
We have been to loads of places, just added country number 41 to our list. The best part of traveling is seeing how the rest of the World lives. It is so easy to get caught up in your own small existence causing yourself to forget what is out in the world. Traveling around, meeting new people and exploring really puts this in perspective.
Hiking on the Great Wall of China
What do you find is most rewarding about traveling?
Just the ability to experience the World. There is so much to see and so many places to explore. The world is absolutely gorgeous with so many amazing wonders in it. That is really special to us when exploring. We both love to capture our travels through photography and videos, this is one of the great perks of travel. With that, we document the things we see and do to relive in future years.
Do you have a favorite sunny destination and if so where and why?
Hmmmm, sunny destinations are always great! We personally really love Mexico. We used to visit the Yucatan every year, visiting the Riviera Maya south of Playa del Carmen. It is one of our favorite places in the World. We are headed to the Maldives in the next few days, so I am sure that one will go on the list too!
North Everest Base Camp, Tibet
Tell us about your blog/website!
Divergent Travelers is all about getting out there and living life's adventures. We focus on adventure travel from the hard core stuff all the way to the urban adventures. We strive to get off the beaten path and explore. We also have a strong focus on photography and you can find loads of beautiful photos from our travels on our website, we post daily photos on our Facebook page and also have an Instagram gallery for sharing images. We also take loads of travel videos that we share over on YouTube.


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