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How to Tan Your Feet...

Please tell us about yourself and what stoked your desire to begin traveling.

We are Yeison and Samantha and we have been traveling together for the last 4 years. Yeison is Costa Rican and I am from the US and four years ago when we met, Yeison was unable to get his US visa so that made us travel to see each other since we were long distance (Samantha was in Seattle). Without travel, we couldn't have stayed together!


Where have you been and what do you enjoy most about the various cultures you have encountered on your travels? 

We've been to almost all the countries in Central America, Mexico, Bahamas, USA of course, Canada and recently came back from an Asia trip where we visited Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines. I'd say the food is probably one of our most favorite things about traveling. Trying the different food, talking to the locals and learning about what life is really like living in that country. We're big fans of learning about the local life and seeing the country beyond tourist spots.

What do you find is most rewarding about traveling?

The way travel opens your eyes. There's a huge difference between hearing about a place on the news or seeing it in pictures and seeing it with your own eyes and experiencing it. I love how traveling broke many of the stereotypes and misconceptions I would hear on the media since so much of it gets twisted. Many people would be worried for our safety for some of the countries we traveled to such as Honduras or the Philippines but in reality it's not as bad as the media makes it out to be.

Do you have a favorite sunny destination and if so where and why?

The Bahamas were amazing. We visited before I moved to Costa Rica so I was a newbie when it came to beaches. I was blown away by the beaches in the Bahamas, I'd never seen such sparkly white sand or clear water before! I hope we can go back one day. 

Tell us about your blog/website!

Mytanfeet is our travel blog which documents all our travels, sharing our stories with text, photography and videos. We focus on helping other people plan their trip, whether it's giving them tips or advice or offering discounts and deals to our readers. And of course we talk a lot about Costa Rica!


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