The Story of the Huipil

The huipil (pronounced: whoo-peal) is the most common traditional garment worn by the indigenous women of Central Mexico and Central America. Traditional huipils (typically made of cotton) generally identify the indigenous group and the community of the wearer as each community has their own designs for both weaving and embroidery.

My husband, James and I traveled to Guatemala for our honeymoon last Christmas - the trip was incredible, because it was, erh - our honeymoon, but was made to be even more amazing because we met some wonderful people that we now call friends and Sunshine Tienda partners.  

One afternoon, we happened upon a tiny shop, in an even tinier town called San Juan, (a quaint little village nestled near Laguna de Atitlan.) The Guatemalan women proudly gave us the grand tour of their tiny store, and we got a peek at their impressive dying techniques. They handed me a card with their email address, told me to stay in touch and off we went. Little did we know that these women would become the "original partners" in Sunshine Tienda product develpment. 

After our flight home, I contacted the email address I was given, and behind this email address was Danielle, a California native transplant living in Guatemala who was helping the shop grow their business. We Skyped for hours, talking about how we could work together. Over the next couple of weeks, Danielle took a few trips to some remote villages in Guatemala -  we got to tag along via WhatsApp, meeting the beautiful artisans of Guatemala who we would be working with!

The women in each village bring a blouse (huipil) they would like to sell and Danielle takes a picture of each of them holding their blouse so that we are able to buy directly from them.  

You guys have responded so positively to these huipils that we have been able to bring significant business to their village and impact the entire community. 

These beautiful blouses are handmade at its finest. The colors are vibrant and the embroidery is perfection. We are eternally grateful to the beautiful women of Guatemala for giving us the product of their impressive craft.

Give the gift of huipils this holiday season!




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