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6 Unique Bridesmaid Gifts


Hello wedding season!  If you're a bride, friend of a bride or just thinking about your future wedding then you're going to need some bridesmaid gifts. No time like the present to pin some of these ideas or jot them down so you don't forget when it's time!  They're much appreciated after putting up with your bridezilla ways that are slightly inevitable.  No matter what your budget, we have some great ideas from matching robes to personalized moroccan beach hats.

Matching Robes

I know everyone always loves a robe! And it makes for adorable pictures.  Win Win. Plus each robe is only $18. 


Personalized Moroccan Sun Hats

No better time to buy a sun hat!  Especially if your bachelorette party or wedding involves a beach or poolside.  And how adorable will those pictures be?  You can have monograms, nicknames or whatever you want! Email Sunshine Tienda for your specific order or check out the selection they have in stock. 


Gaia Cosmetic Bag made by refugee artisans

A little pouch with Tribe on it is exactly what your bachelorette tribe will love! You could also add in a nail polish with the color you want them to wear at the wedding! 

Monogrammed Notecards

As you probably already know... if you're a bride... that writing letters is alive and well.  Especially thank you cards.  Your lady pals would love personal stationary!  I know I can't get enough of it. 

Framed Memories

A frame with picture of you two from the wedding or really any great moment you shared! Love this bone inlay frame from Furbish Studio. 

Personalized Candle

I know my friends all love candles.  Can never go wrong.  Plus these can be personalized with their initials or even Bridesmaid!


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