Jewel Horn Bangle Set

$ 68.00
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Our newest addition to the bangle family is our lovely Jewel Bangle Set. This fun and colorful accessory is sure to standout and make your wrist look vacation ready!

This set of 5 bangles were created with Water Buffalo Horn and Pantone colored lacquer that were inspired by Amanda and Laura throughout their travels. Not to mention, they are incredibly lightweight and very comfortable to wear whether you're traveling to the beach or driving downtown to your favorite restaurant.  

Sold as a set of 5

*Horn is a natural material and the colors may vary slightly


*Easy to wear for all sizes but if you have a smaller or larger hand/wrist please specify in notes and we can make sure we pick a set that's right for you. 

*The horn for these earrings is sourced from Vietnam Water Buffalo.  The animals are not harmed in any way to obtain their horn.