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{Sunshine Tienda inspires the peace of vacation with the goods of the world.}

Sunshine Tienda is an online boutique offering handcrafted jewelry, accessories and home goods reflecting a vacation lifestyle from artisans around the world.

Laura & Amanda Ernst have always had an eye for the interesting and unique.  The Texas twin sisters graduated from New York's Fashion school, Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, inspired daily by New York's intense cultural diversity.  Laura spent her days as a fashion forecaster turned stylist, while Amanda took time to travel the world.  Both experiences leading them to where they are today, in their land of sunshine.  With a taste for brilliant markets in Bolivia to the fine lines of everything else, these quirky twins are on a hunt for the beautiful.,

“Our hope is to arouse a sense of worldly curiosity in our shoppers; if they love what they see, maybe they’ll be encouraged to search the world for their own treasures.”


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