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Miami, FL with the Musee Bath Team

The Musee Bath Team give us their top picks of places to go and see in Miami, FL.

What are your go-to lunch spots?

Swan is a must for lunch, and you have to get the caesar salad!

Favorite Dinner Restaurants?

We LOVED Contessa and Mila! The food and the atmosphere were both incredible! If you go to Miami, these two are a must!

What are your top hotel recommendations?

We stayed at The Goodtime Hotel! It was the CUTEST boutique hotel, and it’s walking distance to the beach! The space is decorated so beautifully, and it was the perfect hotel aesthetic for Musee!

What are your can't-miss recommendations for friends visiting from out of town?

You have to go to the Design District! It is a must see and the shopping is to die for! They also have wonderful restaurants!

Favorite activities for an ideal day in the sun?

We rented a Cabana at The Goodtime Hotel, and it was a blast! We also had a beach day at South Beach and rode Jet-Skis! We had such a blast!

How would you style Sunshine Tienda for a day in Savannah?

We styled our Sunshine Tienda hats with a cute coverup and swimsuit for our pool day and beach day! It was the perfect Miami accessory that completed the cute outfits!

Our Itinerary!

Friday Night:

Dinner at Contessa

Saturday Morning:

Breakfast + Private Yoga on the Pool Deck of The Goodtime Hotel


11:00 Cabana Party at Strawberry Moon

2:30 - Beach day with JetSkis and PaddleBoarding

8:30 Dinner at Mila

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