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Free Shipping on Orders $150+

Free Shipping on Orders $150+

Free Shipping on Orders $150+

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Welcome to the sunny side of rewards with Sunshine Tienda! Earn points every time you shop, share, and receive exclusive discounts and perks with your points. Let's keep the vacation happiness rolling!

How to Use Your Points

Did you know you can earn rewards with every step at Sunshine Tienda?

Here's how: Sign up for an account and earn 200 Sunshine Points. Place an order and get 1 Sunshine Point for every $1 spent. Share on Facebook for 50 Sunshine Points. Follow us on Instagram for another 50 Sunshine Points. Plus, like us on Facebook to earn 50 more Sunshine Points. It's that easy to soak up the sunshine and enjoy exclusive perks!

Ways to earn points

Earning Sunshine Rewards is a breeze!

Get a free shipping coupon for just 1 Sunshine Point. Save with a 10% off coupon for 150 Sunshine Points or a $10 off coupon for 150 Sunshine Points. Go bigger with a $20 off coupon for 350 Sunshine Points or enjoy 20% off for 350 Sunshine Points. Let the sunshine and savings roll in!

A step-by- step guide of your Sunshine Rewards!


Share the sunshine with your friends and earn rewards together!

When they make a purchase, they'll receive a 15% off coupon, and you'll score 400 Sunshine Points. It's a win-win for everyone!

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