About Us

Sunshine Tienda is a vacation inspired accessories brand.

Everything is designed around a simple state of mind—to “Be Vacation Happy.”

Founded in 2014 by twin sisters, Laura and Amanda Ernst, Sunshine Tienda’s collections of statement-making jewelry, charming sun hats, and breezy beach dresses are influenced by a love of warm-weather destinations.

Each collection of accessories is developed by the Texas-based duo and handcrafted by female artisan partners around the world.


What does our motto,

"Be Vacation Happy" mean?


We set out to create a colorful brand that is inspired by the tropical shades of vacation and encourages a feeling of happiness every time you wear our accessories.



Meet the Team

Laura Ernst

Founder and CEO

Best Vacation:

The first trip with my husband which was to Vieques, PR.  

#1 Bucket List Item:

Spend a whole summer road tripping through Italy exploring all the Italian charm we can find!

Favorite Margarita:

Mi Cocina’s Mambo Taxi (Must Try when you’re in Dallas!)

Insider Info:

I'm married to the CFO :)

Amanda Ernst

Founder and COO

Best Vacation:

I spent a summer in my early twenties traveling around Nepal. An unforgettable trip with the most magnificent people and culture.

#1 Bucket List Item:

This may be more than one bucket list item, but traveling to every continent! We’ve got a big world to see, better get to it!

Favorite Margarita:

I’m going to second the mambo’s at Mi Cocina! My first stop when I’m in Dallas 😊

Insider Info:

My day-time (and full-time) career since college has always been in non-profit fundraising. I recently took a giant leap (during the pandemic!) and decided to make Sunshine Tienda my full-time! A dream come true, and I couldn’t be more excited!!

James Byrne

CFO/Money Man

Best Vacation

Yes, I'd agree with Laura. Puerto Rico and Vieques in particular, was an amazing trip. We even stayed in a literal tree house one night, ha!

#1 Bucket List Item

The Orient Express across Europe then hop on the Trans-Siberian Railway in Moscow and ride it all the way to Beijing

Favorite Margarita

Laurita's Jalapeno Margaritas!

Insider Info

Not long after the founding of Sunshine Tienda, Laura and I honeymoon'd in Guatemala at Lake Atitlan and in the towns around the lake the idea to work with the amazing artisans that live there was born!

Olivia Puente

Operations Manager

Best Vacation:

Traveling to good ole West Texas visiting Big Bend National Park, TX and Terlingua, TX.

#1 Bucket List Item:

My dream home located in South Austin designed and furnished exactly by me!

Favorite Margarita:

Prickly Pear from Fresa's in Austin, TX

Insider Info:

I enjoy coffee shop hopping and going to different restaurants in Austin.

Ashley Thompson

Fulfillment Specialist

Best Vacation:


#1 Bucket List Item:

Learn to snowboard

Favorite Margarita:

Pineapple Mezcalita

Insider Info:

I won a hot sauce eating contest!

Loren Maring

Graphic Designer

Best Vacation:

Paris, France

#1 Bucket List Item:

Travel through Europe by boat.

Favorite Margarita:

Mezcal Margarita

Insider Info:

I love to paint in my free time.