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About Us

est. 2014

Why We Started

We wanted to start a brand that evoked the feeling of vacation-happiness all year long. We felt like this was missing from the market, so we began partnering with talented female artisans from around the globe - those we had met during our travels with the skills to bring our designs to life.

Sunshine Tienda is a Texas-based brand.

Founded in 2014 by identical twin sisters,
Laura and Amanda Ernst.

Everything is designed around a simple state of mind -- to “Be Vacation Happy.” Sunshine Tienda’s collections of statement-making jewelry, charming sun hats, and breezy beach dresses are influenced by a love of warm-weather destinations.

Each collection of accessories is developed by the Texas-based duo and handcrafted by female artisan partners around the world. We’re dedicated to providing lasting support for these communities through creative collaboration that celebrates skilled craftsmanship and cultural tradition.

Coarse Salt


Fresh Icy Lime


Cheers to the Years

From tiny pop-ups to Vegas trade shows,
to dream partners, to our own headquarters!

Office Tour

Come on in!

“To us, vacation happiness is...

that feeling when you’re perfectly sun-kissed from a day at the beach, freshly showered, and have just shaken up an icy margarita. You reach for that ideal sundress, your palm hat, and bright dangles you’ve been waiting for this exact moment to wear. Our colorful pieces are meant to encourage this feeling of happiness every time they are worn.”

- Laura & Amanda

# B E V A C A T I O N H A P P Y

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