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New Orleans, LA with Taylor Morgan

Taylor Morgan from The Scout Guide is our go-to person for all things New Orleans! She has all the recommendations for the best spots to eat, drink, play and explore, making our time in New Orleans unforgettable.

Sunshine Tienda- New Orleans Travel Guide

Five Quick Tips:

Go-to coffee spot

CR Coffee Shop

Best place for a cocktail

Depends on the time of year! But one that’s always good to kick start a visit to New Orleans is a Voodoo Daiquiri at Laffite’s Blacksmith Shop on Bourbon Street. One of the oldest bars in America!

Kid-friendly activity

Mardi Gras!

Favorite place to get pampered (spa, salon, etc.)

Spa at Windsor Court

Favorite Spot for Scenic Stroll

City Park. There are so many attractions located in this park from the Sculpture Garden at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Botanical Gardens, trails and more. 

Sunshine Tienda- New Orleans Travel Guide


What makes New Orleans special to you?

Our culture! We are always celebrating life.

It's Mardi Gras season! What are your can't miss Mardi Gras events and why?

I am a member of the krewe of Iris and our parade is the Saturday before Fat Tuesday. Riding in a parade is a magical experience. Seeing the city and its people from a different point of view, celebrating with friends, no matter what you’re smiling from ear to ear. Oftentimes Krewes need a substitute, so if you can find a friend who rides she can probably find you a spot one year. Mardi Gras is indeed a family friendly event filled with an insane amount of traditions so be sure to read up on our Insider’s Guide to Mardi Gras. 

What are your go-to lunch spots in New Orleans?

I love lunch at La Petite Grocery, The Chloe and Lilette. We recently published our Insider’s Guide to lunch so more ideas can be found here.

Favorite dinner restaurants?

Sylvain and Arnaud’s in the French Quarter. La Petite Grocery (again) in the Uptown neighborhood! I just love this place for the consistency and the neighborhood feel. I am also a big fan of Clancy’s. Both are located in Uptown New Orleans. And I always send people to Pascal Manale’s for raw oysters at the bar with Uptown T. And if you want the true New Orleans brunch experience: Brennan’s.

What are your top hotel recommendations?

The Windsor Court! I really appreciate all of the amenities when I travel and this fine hotel has them all. Plus, its locally owned so they really understand the important role they play in this community to create experiences that have both locals and travelers coming back for more.

Favorite local boutiques, vintage stores, etc.? 

New Orleans is known for its abundant shopping! Magazine Street is six miles of local businesses so the scouting opportunities are endless. For women’s clothing I love Peony, Joseph, Pilot + Powell, Pied Nu and Victoria’s. Dunn & Sonnier is a must visit for antiques because it is a beautiful center hall cottage filled to the brim with flowers and gifts, too. Tara Shaw is world renowned so that’s a must-visit. Malachite is fantastic for semi-precious finds for the home. The Art and Eyes is a fabulous store filled with indie glasses for people who want something a bit more unique. All of my favorites can be found in The Scout Guide New Orleans

What are your can’t-miss recommendations for friends visiting from out of town?

I love an evening at the Ritz’s Davenport Lounge listening to Jeremy Davenport. Riding the streetcar is a great way to acclimate yourself to the city and see all the beautiful homes lining St. Charles Avenue. I do love the new attraction at the Four Seasons called Vue Orleans. Its a 360 view of the city with great programming. Riding across the Mississippi River on the ferry can be a fun activity for kids!

Sunshine Tienda- New Orleans Travel Guide


Favorite activities for an ideal day in the sun?

Packing a picnic and going to the fly to take in the view of the Mississippi River. The fly is located behind Audubon Zoo. Bonus if its crawfish season, January to May-ish.

A touristy attraction that you’d actually suggest?

A tour of the French Quarter!

Any other New Orleans hidden gems you’d be willing to share?

Read my weekly newsletter, On Our Radar, and follow me on Instagram. That’s where I share them all! 

How would you style Sunshine Tienda for a day in New Orleans?

Sunshine Tienda is ideal to wear to New Orleans! Bright and colorful just like the city and lightweight since our temperatures are pretty much tropical all year round. 

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