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Old Greenwich, CT with Lila Limón

Lila Limón, the creative force behind Squeeze De Citron®, leads as the founder and creative director of this lively collection of handcrafted bags and totes. These vibrant pieces are skillfully crafted by Mexican artisans, embodying a fusion of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair.

Sunshine Tienda Travel Series

Three Quick Tips:

Go-to coffee spot

Coffee for Good

Best place for a cocktail

Fat Poodle

Scenic stroll

Bike riding and having a picnic at Tod's Point

Sunshine Tienda Travel Series

What makes Old Greenwich special to you?

I love being part of the beautiful and welcoming community. I have met people from all over the world and have made some great friends and connections. Old Greenwich is very family-friendly, great neighborhoods for riding bikes and taking walks. It’s like a fairytale, especially in the Spring and Summer. During the Summer, it turns into a bustling beach town.  Everybody is riding their bikes, stopping at Cup’s n Cones for ice cream and going to the beach at Tod’s Point. Old Greenwich has a special place in my heart from the moment I arrived almost four years ago. It instantly felt like home. Simple living in a charming neighborhood.

What are your go-to brunch spots in Old Greenwich?

My favorite spots for lunch would be Sweet Peas or Fat Poodle.

In the Summer we go to the terrace of Applausi Osteria Toscana, which they serve the most amazing branzino on the salt. It is not on the menu, you have to order it at arrival. We also enjoy going to OG Social with the family or for some drinks. 

Favorite dinner restaurants?

My favorite restaurant is definitely Fat Poodle, which is a French restaurant, they have a great dinner menu. Also, Siren just opened, they serve Mediterranean food. They are about to open a Mexican restaurant named Juju Cantina, that I can’t wait to try. 

What are your top hotel recommendations – with kids and without?

The J house is very nice & close. There is also a Marriott nearby. 

Favorite local boutiques, vintage stores, etc.?

There’s tons of great shopping, my favorite is Fred’s and Origins. Greenwich has great estate sales and I go with my friend to find some great treasures. It’s a fun hobby!

What are your can’t-miss recommendations for friends visiting from out of town?

You can’t miss going to Tod’s Point beach and watching the sunset. It’s beautiful especially in the Spring and Summer. Also, if you’re in town you must stop by Sweet Peas and grab a pan de queso “ requested warm “ in the winter - it’s amazing. And if you are here in the Spring or Fall, take time to just walk around the streets which has the most charming homes and beautiful scenery, it is truly a very special town. 

Sunshine Tienda Travel Series

Favorite activities for an ideal day in the sun?

We love going bike riding as a family around Tod’s Point, going to the beach, especially on the side with the pebbles where there’s a lot of shells that the kids love to play with for hours! We also love going out on our sailboat. 

A touristy attraction that you’d actually suggest?

Old Greenwich is not really touristy, it is very local so I would recommend everyone that is visiting Greenwich in general to go to Greenwich Avenue there are so many great restaurants and shopping. Also can’t miss going back - country, beautiful landscape scenery, and lots of horseback riding. There are beautiful horse trails taken care of by the GRTA, which preserves, protects, and promotes open space, historical trails and the tradition of horseback riding for our community and future generations.

Any other Old Greenwich hidden gems you’d be willing to share?

Near Greenwich Ave there is a hidden gem called Coffee for Good. The coffee shop is located in the historic Solomon Mead House which dates back to 1858. The high ceilings, stone walls make the perfect setting for having coffee or tea with any good friend. The cherry on the top is that it is run by a non-profit that trains people with different abilities. There's a really cool place for kids that is kind of hidden called ChillyBear. It's the spot to go for kids, you will find the coolest candies there.

How would you style Sunshine Tienda for a day in Old Greenwich?

I would wear any of their beautiful dresses with a cute belt, style it with a hat & earrings paired with a Citron tote and Espadrilles all Spring and Summer long!


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